About SchoolEngage

SchoolEngage is a comprehensive solution that facilitates interaction and communication, including exchange of information between key stakeholders within Schools and School Districts. Users including students, parents, as well as multiple types of staff each have a unique profile and account managed through a secure online interface.   SchoolEngage enables schools and districts to publish Forms and Applications that can be completed and submitted online.  Upon approval data integrates seamlessly with SIS through the write-back process, eliminating duplicate keying into multiple systems.


  • Easy & Simplified Registrations
  • Flexible & Paper-free forms
  • Streamlined Event Management
  • Hassle-free & Integrated Payments

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Current core functionality centers on form and application management however subsequent releases will provide the following capabilities:

Event Scheduler will enable Schools and School Districts to manage scheduling of events such as parent – teacher interviews, appointments, assessments and many more.  Through Event Scheduler Schools and Districts can define events, assign to specific resources, set up calendar, initiate notifications to users to book appointments based upon availability as well as update calendars.

Notifications and Requests will provide a means for Schools and School Districts to push notifications and manage requests among parents, students and staff.  Examples include parent notifying the school of an upcoming student absence, requests by parents to receive specific information such as curriculum details, as well as a teacher notification to a parent regarding an issue.

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Intellimedia LP offers services and solutions that maximize the value of systems and data to power and achieve organizational success. Equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in business process, data management, and integration, Intellimedia LP helps organizations expand capabilities of existing systems, as well as complements them with customized solutions.

Founded in 2006 and based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Intellimedia offers licensed software solutions, technical professional services as well as IT and management consulting to K-12 Schools and School Districts. Solutions help maximize the value of data as well as increase organizational capacity to ease administrative burden.

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