Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

One Stop Shop

SchoolEngage provides a single solution to manage the multitude of interactions between schools, districts, students and parents outside of the capabilities of a standard Student Information System. Users are no longer required to access multiple systems to manage activities such as registration, appointment and conference scheduling, notifications of absence as well as requests for information.

Eliminate Manual Processes that are Time & Resource Intensive

SchoolEngage replaces traditional processes of distributing paper forms, registrations, email exchanges, and cumbersome calls and visits to the school. The flexible and secure online access empowers users to provide and get information when they need it. Gone will be the days of long line-ups at schools for things like registrations and conference bookings.

Reduce Data Redundancy

SchoolEngage integrates seamlessly with SIS and can also be customized to integrate with other 3rd party applications, thereby eliminating entry of information into multiple systems. Schools save time while improving the overall quality and accuracy of data.

Increase Student, Parent & Staff Engagement

SchoolEngage fosters enhanced connectivity and ease of interaction between users saving each time, providing necessary flexibility, as well as ensuring a constant flow of communication and information.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to create multiple forms
  • Push forms to parents to validate information
  • Post forms for parents to retrieve and complete
  • Seamless integration with SIS
  • Easy retrieval of historical forms
  • On-line payment of fees
  • Easy form management and approval process